Career Development

Anyone can benefit from mentoring and career tips. Make use of these articles to give your career a boost!

  1. Andy Tay. Pursuing outside career avenues is no impediment to doctoral goals. Nature Index (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. Shoring up Singapore's STEM workforce. The Straits Times (2021).

  3. Andy Tay. Visual tools for fair authorship credit. Nature Index (2021).

  4. Andy Tay. Gen Y Speaks: Paying it forward. TODAY (2021).

  5. Andy Tay. Learning from rejections. Science (2017).

For other career tips, refer to my articles published on Naturejobs Blog.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Interested to translate concepts and technologies from your lab into market? Here are some useful resources.

  1. Andy Tay. How to turn your ideas into patents. Nature (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. Four reasons why young researchers should consider entrepreneurship training. Nature Index (2020).

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Science for everyone

Trying to become better story-tellers? Start by reading and remember to practise.

  1. Andy Tay. 10 inventions from Singapore that solve global challenges. The Brilliant (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. Super-soldier T-cells fight cancer better after a transformational DNA delivery. The Conversation (2019).

  3. Andy Tay. Magnetic bacteria and their unique superpower attract researchers. The Conversation (2018)

  4. Andy Tay. Using bacteria in cancer therapy. Hektoen International (2017).

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Future food

How would the future of food look like? Learn more about lab-based food here. *Email me if you are keen on postgraduate research in food engineering.

  1. Andy Tay. Sensors to enhance agricultural productivity. Lab Manager (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. Scientific challenges and solutions for cultured meat manufacturing. GEN news (2021).

  3. Andy Tay. Nanotechnology for plant engineering. GEN News (2020).

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Inclusive science

Science needs to be inclusive to the needs of different audience. Beyond writing, here are some other ways researchers can use to engage the society.

  1. Andy Tay. What I learned writing a science paper for a 10-year-old. Nature Index (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. How do you create a diversity program for science that works? Nature Index (2020).

  3. Andy Tay. 3 ways to make your scientific images accurate, informative and accessible. Nature Index (2021).

  4. Andy Tay. Illustrations: get your research the attention it deserves. Nature (2020).

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Lab management

Effective lab management is important to provide a productive and safe working environment. Here are some tips.

  1. Andy Tay. Antibodies in neuroscience. Technology Networks (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. How to prevent biological containation in CO2 incubators? Lab Manager (2020)

  3. Andy Tay. Are you storing your cells properly? Lab Manager (2020).

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Science during COVID-19

A selection of articles related to COVID-19.

  1. Andy Tay. How science diplomacy can help navigate the post-pandemic world. Nature Index (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. The promise of using cell cultures to fight SARS-CoV-2. Technology Networks (2020).

  3. Andy Tay. Virtual lab tours for recruitment and outreach. The Scientists (2020).

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The writing series

Planning to write a review, letter or personal statement but having difficulties starting? Here are some tips.

  1. Andy Tay. How to write an abstract that stands out. Nature Index (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. Share methods through visual and digital protocols. Nature (2021).

  3. Andy Tay. Sell yourself and your science in a compelling personal statement. Nature (2021).

  4. Andy Tay. How to write a superb literature review. Nature (2020).

  5. Andy Tay. How to write a good research paper title. Nature Index (2020).

  6. Andy Tay. Writing the perfect recommendation letter. Nature (2020).

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Cell therapy

Cell therapy i.e. the use of cells as 'living medicine' will transform healthcare. Learn about its lastest developments here.

  1. Andy Tay (with Jessalyn Low). Senolytics to tackle age-related pathologies. GEN News (2021).

  2. Andy Tay (with Rachel Reno Lim). Cell therapy manufacturing shifts to automatic. GEN News (2021).

  3. Andy Tay. Spatial transcriptomics is transforming immuno-oncology research. Lab Manager (2021).

  4. Andy Tay. Cryopreservation to improve cell manufacturing and biobanking. GEN News (2020).

  5. Andy Tay. Remote control of CAR-T cells to enhance safety. GEN NEWS (2020).


Latest techniques

Learn about the latest scientific techniques and literature.


  1. Andy Tay. Engineering exosomes for clincical applications. GEN News (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. Exploiting genetics to impove cancer diagnosis and treatment. Technology Networks (2021).

  3. Andy Tay. Advances in single cell sequencing and their applications. Technology Networks (2021).

  4. Andy Tay. Screening natural products as therapeutics. Technology Networks (2020).


Life in Science

Don't you still say scientists are boring nerds!

  1. Andy Tay. For lab team-building and public outreach, meet the mascots. Nature Index (2021).

  2. Andy Tay. When two scientists fall in love. The Scientist (2020).

  3. Andy Tay. Snappy acronyms generate excitement for science (SAGES). The Scientists (2020).

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