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JC Biology IPSG Symposium

19th Jan 2022

The IPSG Symposium is an event organised by MOE to engage JC H2 Biology teachers in teaching innovation. 

In this symposium, I shared about my thoughts to develop the next generation of (engineering) innovators and resources that are available for teachers to enhance their students' learning.

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Sharing on graduate education

28th Aug 2021

Interested to become an academic and lead a research team as a professor, but unclear how to start?

I shared about my journey as an NUS undergraduate to a professor, and the scholarship resources avaiable for students to pursue PhD education and post-PhD training.

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MOE AU Scholarship Sharing

27th Feb 2021

Building a stable academic pipeline is important to maintain the high research and tertiary education standards we have in Singapore.


Together with other professors, we shared about our experience in academia with students interested to apply for the Autonomous University Scholarships.


Science Communcation Workshop

14th Dec 2021

The Biological Sciences Graduate Congress is a joint event organised by NUS, Chulalongkorn University and the University of Malaya. 

In this workshop, I will share how I have grown as a science communicator and diversified the ways I communicate over the last five years.


Volunteering with TAC

17th Jul 2021

What does a professor do? What does the daily work of a professor entail? What exactly is research? Is it very stressful to become a professor?

I joined a group of volunteers at The Astronaut Collective to engage tertiary students and share my career journey as a researcher and professor.


Science Communications Workshop

5th Feb 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of science and tech. However, communicating science to the public is not easy. 


We organised a workshop to train 30 young scientists on the use of words, visuals, exhibits, and even Hokkien dialect to communicate science!


Sharing on NUS Overseas Scholarships

9th Sep 2021

The NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is a scheme to develop a Singaporean-core academics in NUS.

I shared about the application process for NUS-OGS, tips to create a compelling application and allay concerns students may have about embarking on a PhD journey.

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Science Outreach with TJC

3rd Jun 2021

The COVID pandemic has affected pre-university students from getting research experience, but we should continue to engage them to attract and retain top students in STEM.


Researchers from NUS presented their work and shared their stories to more than 40 students from Temasek Junior College.


Career Mentoring with CDAC

13th and 19th Dec 2020

We adapt with social distancing to carry out mentoring remotely.


With the Chinese Development Assistance Council, we informed 50 students from less privileged backgrounds about university and scholarship applications, and train them in writing personal statement and CV (link).