International Experience

To get the best scientific training, I believe in learning from the very best around the world.


2019 - 2020

Brunel Fellow

  • Developed high-throughput magnetic nano-needle platform for immuno-engineering

  • Advisor: Prof. Molly Stevens (lab website)

2018 - 2019

Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Established rigorous metrics to assess critical biological attributes of immune cells after transfection

  • Developed the magnetic nano-electro-injection method for T cell transfection

  • Advisor: Prof. Nicholas Melosh (lab website)

Aug 2017 - Dec 2017

Endeavour Research Fellow

  • Characterized mutant TRPV4 with micro-pillar patch clamp technique

  • Advisor: Prof. Kate Poole (lab website)

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

RIKEN CBS Summer Scholar

  • Generated stem cell model of Rett syndrome with CRISPR/cas9

  • Advisor: Prof. Hideyuki Okano (lab website)

2014 - 2017

Ph.D. student

  • Developed magneto-mechanical neuro-modulation technique

  • Directed evolution of magnetotactic bacteria

  • Advisor: Prof. Dino Di Carlo (lab website)

Jul 2016 - Oct 2016

Summer exchange student (supported by BaCaTeC)

  • Invented magnetic microfluidic device for sorting magnetotactic bacteria

  • Advisor: Prof. Dirk Schuler (lab website)

2012 - 2014

Singapore-MIT Undergraduate Research Fellow

  • Optimized microfluidic system for malaria diagnostic device

  • 3D microfluidic tumor-treating fields platform

  • Circulating tumor cell isolation

  • Advisor: Prof. Lim Chwee Teck (lab website)